Counter Strike Global Offensive Tips for Beginners

counter strike global offensive tips for new players

If you have been a fan of playing computer games then you must have surely heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since it was released in 2012, CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) has been one of the most popular and played computer game worldwide. With more than a million players logging into the CS:GO online servers every day, the game has successfully turned out to be a game changer in the field of computer gaming. CSGO Ranked Accounts are bought by many people because of their high ranks. The intense action and smooth controls make it a very thrilling experience to play this game. Here are some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tips for new players.

Apart from the fluid interface, another factor which makes it one of the biggest gaming platform is its multiplayer features. The CS:GO multiplayer servers are always packed with gamers from different parts of the world who wants to enjoy this brilliant piece of the game. CS GO is the latest addition to the game’s franchise. It has improved graphics, revamped controls and various other new changes. Therefore many people look for CSGO Accounts for sale which has a good rank and different unlocked items.

If you are new to Counter Strike Global Offensive then you will need to know about a few important tips which will help you to play the game in a much better manner. You can also buy csgo account if you are too lazy to rise up the ranks. But if you want to do it yourself, make sure you give a read and improve your gaming.


Counter Strike Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game. So you will need to master your shooting skills first. Even though you may CS:GO has nothing but to just aim and shoot but that is not the case. Without proper shooting and flexing, you will not be able to compete with the best players. The first thing to always keep in mind is to keep the timer at the head height. But at the same time, you will have to position yourself the right way to shoot accurately.

The best is cs go accounts has been built by some of the most accurate shooters of the game. If you want to go up the CSGO ranks then it is vital that you improve your shooting. As a beginner, you would want to practice your shooting by using the burst mode. In CS:GO you should also learn about wall-banging because some materials can be penetrated with bullets giving you an opportunity to kill enemies hiding behind these objects.

In CSGO the crosshairs move according to the recoil of the gun you are using. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to reload your gun in a safe position and not while in combat with another person. In case the gun runs out of bullets it is much quicker to switch to your sidearm. (You can also check this video by TheWarOwl to learn how to shoot.)

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is very much vital when you are playing a competitive game. The people whom you will be shooting are controlled real person and not bots. So it becomes much difficult to kill them before they aim and kill you. Improvements in crosshairs placements have brought brilliant gameplay changes among most of the prime CS GO account holders.

Since the crosshairs will move according to your gun’s recoil, you will need to get accustomed to it and aim at other players accordingly. Along with crosshairs you will also need to master your movements and increase knowledge about the map in which you are playing. When you work on these, you get the perfect aim and accuracy to kill anyone in front of you. You can buy csgo smurf accounts to get more experience and rewards.

Map Control

Most of the people who play Counter Strike for the first time they do either of the following – roam around freely with their gun loaded and ready to shoot enemies or else they keep hiding in the same spot unless someone finds them. Both of these set of actions are wrong. You will need to play intelligently to win a competitive round in CSGO. To do so you will need to have a clear idea about your map.

When you know which are the best places to hide or best places to kill your enemies from, do not just sit there tight waiting for the enemies to arrive. Maintain a balance between playing aggressively and keeping it stealth. CSGO prime account holders are very well accustomed to their map and that is why they can control the area they are in and improvise on it, that is why their accounts have such good ranks and unlockables. CS:GO accounts are very much similar to PUBG Accounts because of map control.

Buying Guns and Accessories

When you open the CSGO store, you will be surprised to see the amazing collection of guns and accessories present. You can buy cheap CSGO accounts with lots of in-game cash to buy these different things. But there are some essentials which you should keep in mind. Like the kevlar vest which is one of the most important accessories in the game. It does a very simple job and that is to protect you from bullets. You can, later on, customize it according to your preferences by doing a paint job or designing it.

When it comes to guns, try to get your hands on any of these two automatic rifles – AK47 and M4. Both the rifles are versatile and extremely handy in competitive matches. These are the two default rifles in the store but there are many others as well. You can buy CSGO smurf accounts to get various unlockables and accessories in the store which are not available to newbies.

So if you have read the article till this point then you are now aware of the various techniques and related tricks which will help you become the best CSGO player in your clan. You can search the internet for cs go steam account price and buy them to get better ranks and experience.