Buy Basic CSGO Prime Accounts

The Prime System is the new addition by Valve to experiment the Prime Matchmaking. It was first launched during April 2016 to allow players to play Prime Matchmaking. People with the CSGO Prime Accounts are likely to experience a game that is less predictable. Also, prime CSGO account does not allow unfair means of play. The Valve introduced this to regulate players and give all of them an opportunity to supersede other top players.

The Valve introduced the Prime Matchmaking which is a gamer tool in 2016. The purpose of prime system was to check if the players are able to compete with others having a similar Trust Factor Score. A CSGO Prime matchmaking is a process in which two similar gamers are paired up for one game.

There are total 18 different ranks from Silver 1 to Global Elite for prime matchmaking as well. If you are Non Prime user then you can achieve Prime Matchmaking system by reaching Lieutenant 21 and adding a mobile number. The major benefit of having a prime account is that you can get effective prime matching and improvise in the game.

Buy CSGO Prime Account With Medals & Badges

You can directly buy csgo prime account from us to enjoy legal prime matchmaking with these accounts that are bought too. These are available at affordable prices and the best part is that you can directly buy any Rank with Prime Matchmaking Ready. Ensure to buy the prime account from legal sellers that are not boosted by using cheats. You can get cheap prime accounts from BuyaCSGO that are boosted by our own private boosters and high ranked players. Benefit of buying a Prime account is “everything is ready for you” and you don’t need to buy anything separately.

When you upgrade after getting a Lieutenant rank 21, then you can obtain the prime account for free but it will take lots of times to reach Lieutenant 21 from the Private rank 1. Save your times and start playing with your friends by buying a csgo prime account from us.

CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale offering CSGO Prime accounts for sale at affordable rates to all players. You can totally enjoy the best prime experience from these accountsYou can choose the most suitable account from the prime accounts section. It is always better to be secure than play with smurf accounts.

You Can Upgrade a CS:GO Account To Prime By Using Two Methods:

  1. For all the matchmaking games in CSGO, you will earn an EXP. You can keep playing, earn more points and increase your level up to Rank 21 or the Lieutenant. Before that, you must validate your phone number in the Steam Account. Therefore, you are eligible only when your rank is a Lieutenant or more than that. Which will take lots of times even more than 2 months.
  2. The other method of obtaining a prime account is by having a Operation Pass. This will helps you to earn more EXP when you complete the missions 1 by 1.

If you belong to this category you can surely upgrade to a prime status. For updating, select the “Details” button on your profile. Then click on “Upgrade” in the pop-up interface which comes before you. Now you can link your number with your Steam Account to complete. With this account, you will experience CSGO Prime matchmaking and security benefits.

How Can Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts Protect You From Hackers

Prime account helps to avoid cheaters. Even when one phone number is used to link several accounts that are being upgraded to prime, if any account get VAC ban then other prime accounts will be banned too. Hence, when you upgrade to prime account after reaching the Lieutenant level you will be matching with prime account holder only. For safety you need to use only one mobile number for one steam account. We are selling Prime ready accounts where you don’t need to add mobile number. It is your wish to Buy CSGO Prime Accounts or upgrade them manually. It is still the best option to get cheap csgo prime accounts as it is worth playing with other prime members.

Benefits of Having a Prime Account

There two main reasons to having a csgo prime account. We can separate the gamers into two types based on the availability of a Matchmaking.

  • Gamers with the prime csgo accounts are trustworthy.
  • Gamers without a prime account are likely to be cheaters or Smurfs