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csgo smurf accounts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched in 2012 and since then it is seeking the attention of gamers admiring the game. The first-person shooting game now has more than 24 million active player counts. The game is basically a conflict between two teams: Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. The game has several modes to enjoy and comes with action-packed matchmaking to compete. But it needs time for an account to unlock all the modes and participate in official matches. No one will like to wait to enjoy the experience through the game they love, thus CSGO Smurf Accounts were introduced.

We at BuyaCSGO focus on providing great quality CS2 Smurf Accounts at best prices. We are always ready to develop the Counter Strike community and help fellow csgo players upgrading their skills. With these accounts a player can participate in competitive matches without waiting and get access to all other modes. Of course, the accounts will have prime and players can enjoy every ounce of pure competitive action. The main difference a Smurf has from the normal player is that the account will be a secondary option. They will get a chance to choose their own rank anything between Silver Elite to Global Elite.

If you are not getting enough wins then you can Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts and treat yourself with easy wins being a smurf. Smurfing will also de-stress players apart from easy and fun games. Getting a CSGO Smurf Account is much easier than actually playing with it. We can provide legit boosted CSGO Account and can guarantee you the best pricing along with variety.

Navigate to our product page and choose the best among the options best suiting your requirement. We focus on quality and satisfaction with the best accounts available in the market.

There Are Basically 4 Most Popular Game Modes In CS2:

Arms race which is a unusual gun-bullet progression mode having featured with instant reincarnation and with a million of close-cheeky one on one combat. Players can gain new weapons without purchase, immediately after completing a kill as they now will be able to use different weapon at different scenario throughout the Game.

Where To Buy CSGO or CS2 Accounts

So now if you have decided to be a pro, we are ready to grant you access to premier CSGO or CS2 Account instantly after your purchase. CSGO Accounts are blissful and once a player understands that, they will need a reliable place to get their accounts. We the teams behind BuyaCSGO are CSGO lovers before sellers. We will help anyone out with any requirements someone can have, we will always try to maintain the best.

Once a buyer purchases an account, credentials reach the buyer’s billing email address instantly after a successful purchase. You can also track the whole process visible on our website after your completion of the purchase. These accounts are created by our dedicated players who are specialized in handling accounts and modify them. We guarantee not using any cheats or third-party assistance during the boosting process.

Please feel free to try us and we won’t let you be disappointed. We would also request our existing customers to recommend us to their friends and help us grow more. The players who are looking to buy cheap CSGO Accounts with High gameplay Hours/Level/Win can get it from us at the best price guaranteed. Feel free to reach us back for any kind of support. We are available 24×7 and easily reachable through Mail, Live Chat or Discord.

csgo accounts

Frequently Asked Questions For CSGO Accounts

A CSGO Account is something a player might purchase and log in to experience the world of CSGO through a different vision. It is also known as CS GO Smurf Accounts that allows players to enter the world of CSGO with any rank of their choice.

Variety Of CSGO Accounts In Stock:

We try to keep a lot of variety possible in our list of CSGO Accounts, GTA5 Modded Accounts and Valorant accounts. One can shop CSGO Accounts or other Gaming Accounts according to their choice. For CS:GO, BuyaCSGO can provide accounts with all ranks available from Silver to the highest in-game, the Global Elite. We can also take custom orders for any games Like: GTA 5 Modded accounts and Valorant accounts if something you need is not there on the list.

Please note that you will receive the following details on your email id after a successful transaction:

  • Steam account’s username.
  • The password of the Steam account.
  • Email id of the steam account
  • Password for the email.

Before trying to access the community market one needs to keep the steam guard on for at least 15 days or older. To be eligible for using the market, you must need to make a minimum purchase from steam store.

Counter Strike 2 or CS2 is the of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), released on 28th September 2023. It’s free upgrade for all Prime players. Everything remain same in CS2 Game as CSGO Like: Inventory, Hours Played, Medals and Coins. Currently previous wins are not visible in CS2 game. We need to win 10 competitive matches to visible the competitive rank. Buy CS2 accounts from reliable platforms like BuyaCSGO to avoid the hassle.

We are one of the trusted and oldest seller, our main aim is to provide legit accounts at best possible prices. We do provide Email access, Lifetime support and instant replace/refund.

CSGO Smurf is like creating a new identity through a different CSGO Smurf Account you purchase. It will not harm you or your game but will allow you to access a new account and play matchmaking. Hence everyone is capable to play from a new account which has clear intentions for entertainment purpose only.

No, the players cannot get a ban for smurfing from a different account. If a player does not cheat or get too many reports for griefing there is no chance of getting any kind of bans in the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: The King Of FPS Genre

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the famous first-person shooting game, also known as CSGO has already won many hearts since its launch 9 years ago. The game has several modes like Deathmatch, Arms race, Demolition apart from Competitive which players can enjoy. Players get divided by total 18 Ranks and Ranking comes in various groups like Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, DMG, SMFC and Global Elite. All these have sub-levels under them and players need to cross the next level only through winning competitive matches.

The game has grown enormously and is still attracting new players because of its unique role model. Players can invite friends and form a lobby to match up against other players. The counter terrorists need to stop the other team of Terrorists from planting a bomb. The team in which all of its players get knockoff will lose.

The games have become such hype that it now hosts some of the biggest eSport tournaments around the globe. The first major tournament in CSGO took place in 2013 with $250000 in the prize pool and has now evolved more. It got more development changes and with the help of brands, CSGO was able to collect a prize pool of $2000000 competing with the best 24 teams around the world.

With the massive increase in craze, the demand is also increasing for the game among the industry. This has led to a new revolution in CSGO which helps players to better understand and manage their way of gaming through CSGO Accounts.

Let’s Know More About CSGO Accounts

CSGO Accounts were developed by community specialists who have become experts in the game, the motive to create such a wonderful thing is to help fellow players in their Counter strike journey. These accounts are pre-made accounts that allow players to save time and start playing competitively for a better CSGO career. Now the twist is with days passing by the accounts have taken several forms to address different needs of players.

These accounts now can be used in various types like CSGO Prime Accounts and CSGO Smurf Accounts. All accounts have common features like choosing ranks of their own and playing with it like a secondary identity. A player can also request additional achievements, medals, badges to be a part of their account.

Introduction To CSGO Smurfs

CSGO Smurf accounts are now easily available over the internet and it helps a player create a new identity and discover the game in their own way. CSGO Smurfs will generally tend to choose a lower-ranked account so that they can make their daily games a little comfortable. Daily matches under pressure are very hectic to continue and everyone loves a change especially the ones which give joy.

Players who are serious with the current gaming scenario and want to establish a good career prefer CSGO Smurfs. These accounts helps improving their skills along with good matchmaking experience. We know how much important it is for every players to practice. Players need to practice without wasting any time, and csgo smurfs are the best.

CSGO Gets Better With A Touch Of CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime accounts are like the golden touch of players who love to play CSGO. We know how these accounts has been helpful for CSGO enthusiasts since all these years and it becomes more efficient with additional touch of Prime. We CSGO lovers know how prime works and how it is helping to remove cheaters from the community. The twist here is that valve keeps a complete track of trust factor and tries to match players falling in the same category for a better experience. But these accounts are something that professional players use as well. All the CSGO Prime Accounts fall under premium category and helps with below advantages.

  • High trust factor.
  • High play hours & wins.
  • Clean matchmaking records in past.
  • Good amount of service medals and badges.
  • High XP levels.

Who Should Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Prime is wonderful for everyone whether a player is new or quite active in the game. We know the main objective of prime and how it works. But what we are not sure about is who should be actually playing with it? To be honest it will definitely be helpful to all the players admiring the game.

But the best way to get the max out of it is to play team competitive. Players often buy CSGO prime accounts to not only get a protection from hackers but also focuses on getting good professional players in the team. Good players takes the game quite seriously and CSGO being a team game. People playing with professional teammates will help everyone learn and build new strategies.

Where To Find The Best CSGO Prime Accounts For Sale

BuyaCSGO is a place which is serving the fans since many years now. The team have successfully developed sales of uncountable happy customers and will continue serving the entire CSGO community. This website is specially known for its cheap csgo prime accounts. The pricing is highly competitive and also provide 100% satisfaction with after sales support.

The csgo prime accounts for sale which are listed to the website are personally developed by the team to match customer requirements. They are also having 24×7 customer support services to match against all time zones. The website is not just a business for the backend team of BuyaCSGO but an emotion  attached to the game.

Why Prime Is Necessary For A Pleasant Experience

Prime was started by Valve in 2018 through an update in the game, since then it has been the best friend of CSGO players. Prime intends to stop and reduce cheating in the game and it does so by an internal tracking system. Recent changes made in prime allow players to purchase it from Store only. Players having prime or playing with CSGO Prime Accounts can match up only against prime players to avoid any kind of cheating, as most players would not like to lose their stats and account.

What If Someone Does Not Have Prime?

If someone is not having a prime account, they can still play the game but it does not have that fun anymore in Nonprime. Players will not get any drops from the matchmakings and will not be able to get XP and ranks. Without prime, it is now impossible to keep a track of fair matchmaking which clearly states that Valve does not support it anymore. Turning yourself into a prime is not tough, checkout csgo prime accounts on our site.

If Prime Can Get Activated From Store, Then Why Players Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

A very good point to raise, it’s a differentiation that players should understand. There must be something for which players are still relying on CSGO Prime Accounts. If a player wants to Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts the clear advantage he or she might get would be additional perks of having an account along with prime.

Those will be a cheaper option to acquire prime and also get other benefits like desired rank, play hours, high XP levels, Badges and much more. All these additional factors will matter a lot for building a good trust factor in the game. It is clearly understandable the winning difference between Prime Upgrades from store and CSGO Prime Accounts.

What Is Trust Factor And How It Works?

Trust Factor is something that valve wants everyone to understand, this factor help Valve to divide players in categories from good to bad. There is no particular list of factors available which determine a players trust factor. But it is definitely getting calculated even if it’s a csgo smurf account and players with a low trust factor will not be placed in matches along with the ones who are better.

Some experts say Valve Counts on factors like :

  • Ranking
  • Community reports
  • Commends
  • Overwatch results
  • Gameplay hours

According to Valve they want players to only focus on being good in the community and their trust factor can automatically go higher. Just imagine someone who has never been bad to anyone in the game gets placed in the same team with someone similar in the matchmaking. It will be a lot better matches where players will behave good and actually co-ordinate with each other. CSGO has always been a team game where communication is the most important thing to have if a team needs to succeed.

Interestingly if a player buy csgo smurfs and it has prime along with a good trust factor. The player will not only get cheap csgo accounts in the market but also gains a lot because of time savings.

Who Can Buy CSGO Accounts?

Any CSGO lover seeking a better Counter-Strike experience can buy CSGO Accounts. Please check out our new section of accounts to know more about CSGO Accounts for sale. We provide a huge range of Accounts to ensure player’s satisfaction. Get an account, play with it and ask your friends to join you.

Why BuyaCSGO Is The Best For Your Needs?

  • Trusted and Verified: We have enough reputation to build trust. We guarantee no cheats used for all our accounts to keep our customers happy.
  • Instant Delivery: The delivery of account credentials is done instantly once someone makes a purchase and the transaction gets completed.
  • Support available 24×7: Our team is always available on email or via chat to help our customers and solve any query anyone might have.
  • Best Collections: We have best ever collections for csgo ranked accounts and high tier accounts. We have every ranks available ranging from Silver 1 to Global Elite at competitive prices.
  • Positive Feedback: We have been successfully providing CSGO & Valorant Accounts needs of our customers and has gained enough positive response that allows us to serve you better.


I have bought more than 10 accounts here and never had any problems. The delivery happens directly. Maybe you can make some discounts for people who buy accounts more often. :)

Trusted, cheap and Instant delivery. Also great Support, if any of the products stop working After some weeks (happened once to me) they give you a new equal value product.

I bought a 2x CSGO Account from BuyaCSGO, the Prices are the best on the market. They have Instant Delivery and the delivered Accounts are all correct with the Product I paid for…

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