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Why Buy CSGO Accounts From BuyaCSGO?

CSGO Accounts are blissful; once a player understands that, they will need a reliable place to get their accounts. We, the teams behind BuyaCSGO, are CSGO lovers before sellers. We will help anyone with any requirements and always try to maintain the best. So, if you have decided to be a pro, we are ready to grant you access to premier CSGO Accounts instantly after your purchase.

Once a buyer purchases an account, credentials reach the buyer’s billing email address instantly after a successful purchase. You can also track the whole process on our website after you purchase. These CSGO accounts are created by our dedicated players who are specialized in handling accounts and modifying them. We guarantee not to use cheats or third-party assistance during the boosting process.

Please feel free to try us, and we won’t disappoint you. We would also request our existing customers recommend us to their friends and help us grow. Players looking to buy CSGO Accounts with high gameplay hours/level/win can get them from us at the best price guaranteed. Feel free to reach out to us for any support. We are available 24×7 and easily reachable through Mail, Live Chat, or Discord.

Why CSGO Accounts Are Helpful For You?

CSGO Accounts were developed by community specialists who have become experts in the game. The motive behind creating such a wonderful thing is to help fellow players in their Counter-strike journey. These pre-made accounts allow players to save time and start playing competitively for a better CSGO career. The twist is that CSGO is now upgraded to CS2, which is what is called CS2 accounts today. Day by day, the accounts have taken several forms to address the different needs of players.

These accounts can now be used in various types like CS2 Prime and CS2 Smurf Accounts. All accounts have standard features like choosing their ranks and playing with them like a secondary identity. Players can also request additional achievements, medals, and badges to join their account.

Types of CS2 Accounts for Sale

At BuyaCSGO, we sell all type of CS2 accounts. CS2 Non-prime and Prime Accounts, as well as CS2 Prime Accounts with Premier mode unlocked. In case you’re relatively new to the game, you might be wondering what the difference is and whether it’s worth buying a Prime or Premier account. To clear things up, Premier isn’t a subscription tier in CSGO. It’s an exclusive game mode available to Premier Accounts of Private Rank 10 and above.

In the past, you could earn Prime status on CSGO for free. Originally introduced as a special queue for players with a high trust factor, it could be unlocked by simply linking your phone number and ranking up to Rank 21. This has now changed; the only way to gain Prime status on CS2 Accounts is to buy a Prime Status Upgrade on Stream, which costs $15.

The good news is that there’s a more cost-effective alternative – you can also buy cheap prime CSGO accounts here. CSGO Prime Account holders enjoy the Competitive and Premier game modes, which offer a more exciting experience. Since it’s exclusively a Prime feature, this also helps weed out most of the cheating players and bots.


  • You gain access to exclusive and more hardcore game modes.
  • Players with CSGO Prime Accounts can gain XP and rank up.
  • The gameplay experience is relatively free of cheaters.


  • Costlier than Non-Prime accounts.
  • Might not have access to Premier mode (if below Level 10).

These are CS2 Prime accounts that have already reached Rank 10. Upon ranking up, you unlock a new game mode – Premier. While it doesn’t cost anything to unlock Premier mode, grinding your way to Rank 10 does take a lot of time. This is a reason why a lot of players opt to buy CS2 Premier Accounts instead.


  • You can play Premier Mode.
  • Buying Premier accounts saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • The chances of encountering players using chats and bots are lower in Premier mode.
  • You get to enjoy an ultimate hardcore gaming experience.


  • Comes with a higher price tag than CSGO Prime accounts.

If you’re looking for an easy and cheaper way to access good gear and other stuff instead of buying them in-game, CS2 High-tier accounts are perfect for you. High-tier accounts have a lot of effort put into them, with plenty of gameplay hours and medals. You also have the option to choose from different tiers with varying prices.


  • High-tier CSGO accounts put you in an excellent position to play against hardcore players.
  • Professional gamers can quickly start playing with a well-developed account.
  • You can access all the perks of a High-tier CSGO account without effort.


  • Of all the types of CS2 accounts you can buy, these are the most expensive.

This is the basic, free tier available in CS2. All new CS2 Accounts are non-Prime by default unless you purchase the Prime subscription. Non-Prime players can only play Casual and Team Deathmatch modes, and the overall gameplay experience is entirely restricted.


  • No paid subscription is needed.
  • Non-prime CS2 Smurf Accounts are cheaper.


  • Ranks aren’t unlocked for CS2 Non-prime Accounts.
  • You can only play unranked game modes, such as Casual and Deathmatch.
  • Since it is open to all, cheating and bots are rampant in non-prime matchmaking.
  • No item drops for Non-Prime players.
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CS2 Accounts For Sale on BuyaCSGO

If you’re an avid gamer who’s deeply passionate about Counter-Strike 2, you’re probably eager to secure CS2 accounts as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can fulfil this desire through our platform, BuyaCSGO. We provide access to special CS2 accounts designed for players seeking a competitive edge from the very beginning. These accounts offer a range of advantages, including good trustfactor, Premier ratings ranging from low to high.

Acquiring a CS2 account allows you to gain a distinct advantage over newcomers who are starting from square one. The best part of CS2 accounts is that players don’t need to wait to play premier matches, we have ready-to-play premier cs2 accounts for sale.

Furthermore, we also offer unique CS2 accounts that you won’t find anywhere else. These accounts feature an original email, a lifetime guarantee, rare skins and various other perks that can elevate your gaming experience. By making a purchase from BuyaCSGO, you’ll not only stand out from the gaming community but also showcase your one-of-a-kind in-game possessions.

Buy CS2 Accounts And Level Up Your CS2 Experience

Valve’s release of a substantial update or a new game has been long-awaited, announcing Counter-Strike 2 as a source of great excitement among players. For those growing impatient while hoping for a Valve invitation, there’s the option to acquire an account that already possesses eligibility to play Counter-Strike 2. By obtaining a CS2 account from BuyaCSGO, buyers can promptly dive into the forthcoming FPS experience.

Is working your way up the ranks in CS2 too much of a grind? You certainly aren’t alone, and this is why CS2 accounts for sale have become so popular among the CSGO players. With one of our several high-ranking CS2 Accounts for sale, you’ll be ready to dominate the game and unleash your full potential.

At BuyaCSGO, you can buy CS2 accounts of various tiers at varying prices. Whether you want a CSGO Prime account or a high-tier account with Premier mode unlocked, we’ve got you covered. Being gamers at heart, we aim to help all CSGO players enjoy a grand experience by offering CS2 Prime accounts for sale at affordable prices.

Process to Buy CS2 Account from BuyaCSGO

Here’s a step-by-step guide detailing how to acquire a Counter-Strike 2 account through BuyaCSGO:

  • Explore Our Inventory: Visit our website and peruse our extensive selection of Counter Strike 2 accounts. Utilize our search filters to locate an account that meets your desired specifications.
  • Choose Your Account: Once you’ve selected your most ideal account, simply add it to your cart and move straight to the checkout process. You can relax while resting because we ensure your transactions are safeguarded.
  • Immediate Delivery: Upon the completion of your purchase, you’ll promptly receive access to your freshly acquired Counter Strike 2 account. Prepare yourself to immerse in the captivating realm of Counter Strike 2 and display your gaming prowess.

Experience the exhilaration of Counter Strike 2 like never before by procuring a premium account from BuyaCSGO. Join our community of dedicated gamers and unlock a universe brimming with boundless possibilities. Secure your CS2 account today and embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure!

What Makes BuyaCSGO The Best Marketplace To Buy CS2 Accounts?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to acquire a well-developed CS2 account without burning a hole in your pocket. Our range of CS2 accounts at BuyaCSGO allows you to get a CS2 account that suits your requirements and fits your budget perfectly. Here’s why we are the best providers of CS2 Prime accounts in the market.

  • Quick and seamless purchase

Here, you can enjoy a seamless and quick checkout process, with multiple payment options available for the transaction. Moreover, there’s practically no waiting period before you receive your new CS2 account. Our automated email delivery system will immediately provide you with the necessary account credentials.

  • Variety of options

Our collection of CS2 accounts will show you that we’ve gone above and beyond to provide accounts at every price range. While professional streamers and hardcore gamers can buy high-tier CS2 Prime accounts, those on a tighter budget can also buy CS2 accounts with a cheaper price tag.

  • 24/7 support

No matter which part of the world you’re from, you won’t be left hanging when you need assistance. Whether you need any guidance or encounter an issue, we have a dedicated support team available 24/7 to help you around the clock.

  • Trusted and reliable

Most importantly, we have established ourselves as a reliable provider of CS2 accounts, which has earned the players’ trust over the years. The testimonials of our buyers speak volumes of our commitment to catering to gamers as efficiently as possible.

  • Lifetime guarantee

When you buy CS2 Prime accounts from us, you stay assured of lifetime access. We will provide you with all the login credentials, including the primary email ID. This grants you complete access to the account, which means you’ll also be able to recover it or change login details if necessary.

What Are CS2 Prime Accounts?

The CS2 Prime accounts for sale are essentially accounts that have achieved Prime status. While it could earlier be obtained by linking your phone number and reaching Rank 21, the only way to achieve Prime status now is to purchase it. The cheaper alternative, of course, is to buy CS2 Prime accounts right here.

CS2 Prime accounts have access to the Competitive game mode, as well as the exclusive lobby that comes with it. Prime users are only matched against other players with CS2 Prime accounts and can gain Competitive Skill Groups, Counter-Strike Rating, and XP to rank up. Additionally, you’d also be eligible for weekly care packages.

What Makes CS2 Prime Accounts So Popular?

The popularity of CSGO Prime Accounts lies largely in their exclusive matchmaking. Non-prime users have to deal with a frustrating number of bots and cheaters in Casual and Deathmatch modes as they’re both open to all. However, upgrading to Prime puts you in an exclusive Prime-only lobby, allowing you to avoid them altogether. Players using cheats typically don’t invest in prime accounts due to the risk of potentially being hit with a ban.

Why Players Should Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched in 2012, and since then, it has attracted the attention of gamers who admire the game. On 27 September 2023, Valve released Counter-Strike 2, CSGO’s major update or upgrade. The first-person shooting game now has more than 24 million active player counts. The game is a conflict between two teams: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists.

The game has several modes to enjoy and comes with action-packed matchmaking to compete. But it needs time for an account to unlock all the modes and participate in official matches. No one will like to wait to enjoy the experience through the game they love, thus CS2 Smurf Accounts were introduced. We at BuyaCSGO focus on providing high quality CS2 Smurf Accounts at the best prices.

We are always ready to develop the Counter Strike community and help fellow csgo players to improve their skills. With these Smurf accounts a player can participate in competitive matches without waiting and get access to all other modes. Of course, the accounts will have prime and players can enjoy every ounce of pure competitive action. The main difference a Smurf has from the normal player is that the account will be a secondary option. They will get a chance to choose their own rank anything between Silver 1 to Global Elite.

What Are CS2 Smurfs Accounts

CS2 Smurf accounts are now easily available over the internet and it helps a player create a new identity and discover the game in their own way. CS2 Smurfs will generally tend to choose a lower-ranked account so that they can make their daily games a little comfortable. Daily matches under pressure are very hectic to continue and everyone loves a change especially the ones which give joy.

Players who are serious with the current gaming scenario and want to establish a good career prefer CS2 Smurfs. These accounts helps improving their skills along with good matchmaking experience. We know how much important it is for every players to practice. Players need to practice without wasting any time, and csgo smurfs are the best.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive The King Of FPS Genre

The famous first-person shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CSGO, has won many hearts since its launch eleven years ago. Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is a significant improvement to CSGO. Valve’s main plan with CS2 is to make improvements in CSGO with new additions in the form of updates and patches. CS2 is not a separate game; instead, it’s just a fresher and better version of CSGO.

The game has several modes, like Deathmatch, Casual, Competitive, and Premier, which players can enjoy. Players are divided into 18 ranks and ranked in groups like Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, DMG, SMFC, and Global Elite. All these have sub-levels under them, and players need to cross the next level only through winning competitive matches.

The game has grown enormously and attracts new players because of its unique role model. Players can invite friends and form a lobby to match up against other players. The counter-terrorists need to stop the other team of Terrorists from planting a bomb. The team in which all of its players get knocked off will lose.

The games have become such hype that they now host some of the biggest esports tournaments around the globe. The first major tournament in CSGO took place in 2013 with $250000 in the prize pool and has evolved more. It got more development changes, and with the help of brands, CSGO collected a prize pool of $2000000, competing with the best 24 teams worldwide.

With the massive craze increasing, the industry’s demand for the game is also growing. This has led to a new revolution in CS2, which helps players better understand and manage their gaming through CS2 Accounts.

There Are Basically 4 Game Modes In CS2:

As the name indicates, this game mode is much more laid back than Competitive. Casual is a prevalent mode to enjoy. You can play casual mode when you’re bored of playing serious competitive or premier matches. While the matches themselves are very similar, each team comprises 10 players, and the fact that friendly fire and team collision are deactivated.

Deathmatch is just like what it sounds – counter-terrorists & terrorists fighting each other until death. Players experience a auto respawn mechanism upon death. deathmatch can be played even if you don’t have a Prime account. Your objective in this mode is pretty simple – kill as many enemies as possible. Each match lasts 10 minutes, and the gamer with the most kills wins. Some weapons give you more points for a while. For beginners, deathmatch is a popular mode as it allows all players to pick any weapon. So, get ready, practice the maps, and have fun aiming for headshots.

If you’ve watched professional CSGO matches, you’re likely already familiar with this game mode. The match lasts 24 rounds; there is no overtime in this hardcore game mode, with two teams of 5 players each going against each other. A team has to win 13 rounds to come out as the winner. Players are required to reach Private rank 2 before they can unlock competitive mode. This requires CSGO Prime Accounts since you can’t rank up without Prime.

Available exclusively to players with CS2 Prime accounts, Premier Mode is a more advanced version of competitive mode that you can unlock only after reaching Private Rank 10. Before the start of the match, the two teams take turns banning the Active Duty maps until there’s only one left for the game. Each half of a Premier match has only 12 rounds at most, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins. Unlike competitive mode, Premier matches go into a six-round overtime if the match is tied even at 24 rounds.

CSGO To CS2: What Changed And What You Need To Know

CSGO held the gaming community in its thrall from 2012 to 2023, but the landscape has shifted with the arrival of CS2 on September 27, 2023. Unlike its beta version, CS2 doesn’t let you choose between playing CSGO or CS2. In short, now you can’t access CSGO anymore.

What’s interesting is that Counter-Strike 2 smoothly incorporates all your CSGO items and playtime hours, except for your past CSGO wins and rank, which hasn’t transferred yet, maybe because of some technical bug, but possibly with an update, we can expect the transfer.

Therefore, in CS2, you must complete ten additional competitive matches to determine your new rank. But CS2 brings a bunch of improvements. For instance, you can see new map designs, an updated user interface, better graphics, and more responsive smoke and grenade mechanics.

CS2 also introduces the Premier mode, where you can see your global ranking with a refined rating system. And if you accidentally buy the wrong weapon, CS2 has a refund feature to fix your mistake. CS2 is poised to create a historic milestone with these significant updates. Hence, we invite you to join us and participate in this exciting journey.

Basic Comparison Between CSGO Vs CS2

Game Engine: Source Source 2
Server tick rate: 64 Tick Sub-tick. Tick-rate no longer matter in Counter-Strike 2 for moving, shooting or throwing.
Maps Design: Good graphics but is not much realistic. All maps are upgraded graphically. Due to the Source 2 engine, maps are cleaner, brighter and better.
Modes: Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, War Games, Demolition, Flying Scoutsman, Private Queue. Premier, Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, Private Matchmaking.
Smoke & Grenade: Standard grenades and smoke effects. Can’t inspect. Upgraded game mechanics: more realistic effects, dynamic volumetric and reactive smokes. Also, you can inspect the grenades.
User Interface: Classic HUD and buy menu and ingame no refund option. Revamped game menu, HUD, and buy menu with refund option.
Ingame Interface: Classic HUD and buy menu Revamped game menu, HUD, and buy menu
Audio: Standard audio quality. Sounds have been revamped to be more accurate and clear.

Lets Know More About Counter-Strike 2

In the past, CSGO had only one game mode that was locked behind a paywall – Competitive. This changed with the rolling out of CS2 when the Premier mode was introduced. Thankfully, you don’t have to make a separate purchase to unlock Premier mode – all players with CSGO Prime Accounts can access it upon reaching Rank 10. A skill rating system and the new game mode were also rolled out.

Compared to the Source engine that used to power CSGO, CS2 runs on Source 2 – the same engine that powers Dota 2. This makes CS2 much more visually immersive, with more realistic effects. One of the most exciting changes in this regard is smoke behaviour – smokes in CS2 are more responsive to the environment and the players’ actions.

Smokes have now been made volumetric, which means instead of just blocking the area on which they land, they occupy hollow spaces. They don’t look as dense as before, and shooting or throwing a grenade through them creates gaps for very short periods. The sounds of flashbangs and other grenades have been made more realistic, and the same goes for Molotov visuals.

Other changes include a revamped UI with a new buy menu and HUD, complete overhauls of the Overpass, Inferno, and Italy maps, and graphical upgrades of varying scales for the other maps. So, while you can no longer play the old CSGO, CS2 is far better overall.

CS2 Gets Better With A Touch Of CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime accounts are like the golden touch of players who love to play CSGO. We know how these accounts have been helpful for CSGO enthusiasts for all these years and it becomes more efficient with an additional touch of Prime. We CSGO lovers know how Prime works and how it is helping to remove cheaters from the community. The twist is that Valve keeps a complete track of trust factor and tries to match players in the same category for a better experience. But these accounts are something that professional players use as well. All the CSGO Prime Accounts fall under the premium category and help with the below advantages.

  • High trust factor.
  • High play hours & wins.
  • Clean matchmaking records in the past.
  • A good amount of service medals and badges.
  • High XP levels.

Who Should Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Prime is excellent for everyone, whether a player is new or active in the game. We know the main objective of prime and how it works. But we need to figure out how to play with it. Honestly, It will be helpful to all the players admiring the game.

But the best way to get the max out of it is to play a competitive match. Players often buy CS2 prime accounts to get protection from hackers and focus on getting good professional players on the team. Good players take the game quite seriously, and CSGO is a team game. People playing with experienced teammates will help everyone learn and build new strategies.

Where To Find The Best CSGO Prime Accounts For Sale

BuyaCSGO is a place that has been serving the fans for many years now. The team has successfully developed sales of uncountable happy customers and will continue serving the entire CSGO community. This website is primarily known for its best pricing for CSGO Prime accounts. The pricing is highly competitive and also provides 100% satisfaction with after-sales support.

The team personally developed the CS2 prime accounts for sale, listed on the website, to match customer requirements. They also have 24×7 customer support services to match against all time zones. The website is not just a business for the backend team of BuyaCSGO but an emotion attached to the game.

Why Prime Is Necessary For A Pleasant Experience

Prime was started by Valve in 2018 through an update in the game. Since then, it has been the best friend of CSGO players. Prime intends to stop and reduce cheating in the game, and it does so by using an internal tracking system. Recent changes made in Prime allow players to purchase it from the Store only. Players who have Prime or are playing with CS2 Prime Accounts can match up only against Prime players to avoid any cheating, as most players would not like to lose their stats and accounts.

What If Someone Does Not Have Prime?

If someone still needs to get a Prime account, they can still play the game, but it is not fun anymore in Nonprime. Players will not get any drops from the matchmaking and will be unable to earn XP and ranks. With Prime, it is now possible to keep track of fair matchmaking, which clearly states that Valve no longer supports it. Turning yourself into a prime is easy. Check out CS2 prime accounts on our site.

Why Players Buy CSGO Prime Accounts, When They Can Activate From Steam Store?

An excellent point to raise is that it’s a differentiation that players should understand. There must be something for which players still rely on CS2 Prime Accounts. If a player wants to buy a CSGO Prime Account, the clear advantage is that they will get additional perks from having an account and Prime upgrades.

Prime Account will be a cheaper option to obtain prime and get other benefits like desired rank, good play hours, high XP levels, Badges, and much more. All these additional factors will matter a lot for building a good trust factor in the game. It is understandable the winning difference between Prime Upgrades from the store and ready-to-play CS2 Prime Accounts from BuyaCSGO.

What Is Trust Factor And How Does It Work?

The trust factor is something that Valve wants everyone to understand; this factor helps Valve divide players into categories from good to bad. No particular list of factors is available to determine a player’s trust factor. But it is getting calculated even if it’s a CSGO Smurf account, and players with a low trust factor will not be placed in matches with the better ones.

Some experts say Valve Counts on factors like :

  • Ranking
  • Community reports
  • Ingame Commends
  • Overwatch results
  • Gameplay hours

According to Valve, they want players to focus only on being good in the community, and their trust factor can automatically go higher. Just imagine someone who has always been suitable to everyone in the game gets placed in the same team with someone similar in the matchmaking.

It will be a lot better matches where players will behave well and co-ordinate with each other. CSGO has always been a team game where communication is the most important thing if a team needs to succeed. Interestingly, if a player buys CSGO Smurfs, it has prime and a good trust factor. The player will get cheap csgo accounts in the market and gain a lot because of time savings.

Why BuyaCSGO Is The Best For Your Needs?


FAQs About CS:go Accounts

All players are required to create a steam accounts before they can play the popular FPS game. An account allows you to sync your progress across multiple devices or restore it in case you reinstall the game.

A CSGO Account is something a player might purchase and log in to experience the world of CS:GO through a different vision. It is also known as CSGO Smurf Accounts, which allows players to enter the world of CSGO with any rank of their choice. However, this also means you can buy CSGO accounts created by other players and benefit from their progress.

Smurf accounts refer to alternate accounts used alongside or in place of a main account. In the event of your main account being termporary banned, you can circumvent the restrictions and keep playing with CSGO Smurf accounts. It’s also a smart way to get access to better gear, higher ranks, and all the other benefits that come with them.

Smurf is like creating a new identity through a different CS2 Smurf Account you purchase. While smurfing is technically against the game’s terms of use, nobody usually gets banned for smurfing unless cheating and other suspicious activities are involved. When you buy a CS2 smurf account along with its primary email address, you are in complete ownership of the account.

Although the game’s terms of use note smurfing as an offense that can result in a ban, it never really happens. To put it simply, there’s no way to know whether someone is smurfing or using their primary account as any CS2 prime accounts you buy will be completely separate from your main account.

BuyaCSGO is one of the most trusted marketplaces for CSGO Accounts. Our main aim is to provide legit accounts at the best possible prices. We provide full access, lifetime support, and instant replacement/refund facilities.

Counter-Strike 2, or CS2, is a revamped version of the popular multiplayer FPS game with much better visuals and new gameplay mechanics. It was recently released on September 27, 2023. This new upgrade is available free of charge to all csgo lovers. CS2 accounts retain all of the familiar elements from the original CSGO, including your inventory, playtime, medals, and coins.

It’s important to mention that CS2 currently does not display previous wins. You’ll need to win ten competitive matches again to see your competitive rank or premier ratings. You may also buy CS2 accounts to boost your progress and get access to Prime features and Premier modes. We have ready-to-play CS2 accounts to avoid any potential hassles.

Any CSGO lover seeking a better Counter-Strike experience can buy CS2 Accounts. Please check out our new section of accounts to know more about CS2 Accounts for sale. We provide a huge range of Accounts to ensure player’s satisfaction. Get an account, play with it and ask your friends to join you.

Variety of CS2 Accounts In Stock:

We try to keep a lot of variety possible in our list of CS2 Accounts, GTA5 Modded Accounts and Valorant accounts. One can shop CS2 Accounts or other Gaming Accounts according to their choice. For CS2, BuyaCSGO can provide accounts with all ranks available from Silver to the highest in-game, the Global Elite. We can also take custom orders for any games Like: GTA 5 Modded accounts and Valorant accounts if something you need is not there on the list.

Please note that you will receive the following details on your email id after a successful transaction:

  1. Steam account’s username.
  2. The password of the Steam account.
  3. Email id of the steam account
  4. Password for the email.

Before accessing the community market, one must keep the steam guard for at least 15 days or longer. To be eligible to use the market, you must make a minimum purchase from the Steam store.