Which Are Some Of The Best FPS Games In 2022 For Free ?

top 5 best fps games

Among all the gaming genres, First person shooting games are all time favorite for many gamers till date. The gamers love the view and shooting experience giving them a real time experience. Lets talk about some of the all time best FPS games till date, there are many games in the category of first person shooting but only the best wins. Good FPS games should be globally loved by players and also provide proper story line to the players so that they can continue the playing streak.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:


Among all the best fps games, this is a team type action gameplay which was pioneered nineteen years back. It is a latest version of the patent game Counter Strike. The initial release date of this version was on August 2012. The game is in maintenance by Valve corporation and Hidden path corporation and stands by the fourth position among the Counter Strike series.

The game definitely has new content to offer like maps, characters, game modes and some more classic counter strike content. Counter strike changed the gaming industry by surprise when it became the most played online game immediately after its release.

The game is available to play in platforms like Windows, MacOS, Xbox & Playstation. It is basically a fight between two teams – terrorists and Counter Terrorists. The most common game mode “competitive matchmaking” is clash between two teams where the CT team defends the sites from T’s from planting a bomb. Players nowadays can find CSGO Accounts to purchase making the game easier for them to learn and develop.

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It is a new age free to play game under development and maintenance done by Riot games. It comes under the list of best fps games. The only platform the game is available is Microsoft windows and has massive fan following since it is out in the gaming community. Because players believe it is one of the best free fps game. The game was officially release on June 2020 and since then the player count never looked back.

The game is about teams fighting against each other relating to near future. The characters available are having unique skills and powers. The agents in each teams are different with variation of powers and abilities. Their special skills require charges to perform and are very powerful to get clean kills. There are various game modes like Spike rush, Deathmatch, competitive, Escalation etc. where there are different aim for different modes.

In every competitive match the fight is of 25 rounds in total, the team that wins 13 rounds will win. The team who attacks carry a bomb type device known as spike because they need to plant it. Once planted the team needs to protect it for 45 seconds. The bomb before getting detonated resulting to a destruction in the area gives a clear win for them. Any player who wishes to learn the game quickly and take early place in the books of legendary players may use Valorant Accounts. These accounts will definitely help by sharing and watching skills of better players and being friends of them.



If we want to talk about few of the best fps games then PUBG deserves a place to discuss about. It is a free battle royale game released by PUBG Studios. It is inspired by the game Battle royale and has huge fan following. The game is all about survival where maximum 100 players can jump off a plane into an island and scavenge for weapons and other accessories.

These players try to kill other players protecting themselves and the last man standing wins the game normally known as chicken dinner. The safe area of the game keeps decreasing in size of a radius after every particular time interval which forces players to be within a particular range and keep the fight going. It was first release on windows and was holding the place of best known free fps game for pc.

The game has sold almost over 75 million copies for both computer and console platforms as of 2022. The game was then made free to play from January 2022. This particular game received several positive comments from critics, of course like any other games PBUG also had some flaws. Developers worked on it continuously and has made it successful among the category of best shooting games.

Call of Duty : Warzone:

Call of duty warzone is a free to play battle royale shooting game by Activision. The game is in the list of best fps games and made its release in the year 2020. It supports the platforms like Xbox, Playstation and also Windows and according to reports a mobile version is also under development. It allow players for a online multiplayer combat with a full server of 150 players in it. Warzone also support players of upto 200 in numbers with many other game modes to choose like Plunder, Rebirth: Resurgence, Buy Back, Payload and Clash.

The fans believe it to be the top amongst best fps games and has been slaying the genre of FPS. Warzone lets players use the in game currency which can be used at stations around the map to buy weapons. These cash may also be used to purchase in game special items like kill streaks and gas masks. Players find cash from looting other players and buildings that already has cash on them.



The game is launched in the year of 2016 and has a concept of playing team based multiplayer first person shooting game. It is a creation of the organization blizzard entertainment, it assign players in two team of six players each with variety of characters to choose from. These are heroes with unique and different abilities. In Overwatch both teams compete to fulfill map specific objectives within the given time.

The game is holding a place among the best fps games because it is constantly getting updates with new maps and characters. After it is public from the even blizzcon 2014 it has got huge responses in terms of players and fans. The parent company also reports to hold a revenue of more than 1 billion US dollars on its release.