What Are Prime Accounts?

The Prime System is the new addition by Valve to experiment with Prime Matchmaking. It was first launched in April 2016 to allow players to play Prime Matchmaking. People with the CS2 Prime Accounts will likely experience a less predictable game. Also, the prime CS2 account does not allow unfair means of play. The Valve introduced this to regulate players and let them supersede other top players.

Valve introduced Prime Matchmaking, which is a gamer tool, in 2016. The purpose of the prime system was to check if the players could compete with others with a similar Trust Factor Score. A CS2 Prime matchmaking is a process in which two similar gamers are paired up for one game.

There are 18 ranks from Silver 1 to Global Elite for prime matchmaking. If you are a Non-Prime user, you can upgrade your non-prime account to Prime to play Premier matches. You can also see your Rank and XP in Prime accounts, which you can’t in a Non-Prime account. The significant benefit of having a Prime account is that you can get effective Prime matching and improvise in the game.

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Buy Prime Accounts With Medal And Badges

You can directly buy a CS2 prime account from us to enjoy legal prime matchmaking with these accounts. These are available at affordable prices, and the best part is that you can directly buy any Rank with Prime Matchmaking Ready. Ensure that you purchase the prime account from legal sellers that are not boosted by using cheats.

In Counter-Strike 2, you must have a prime account to play Premier matches. You can get legit CS2 premier accounts with good ratings from BuyaCSGO that are boosted by our private boosters and high-ranked players. The benefit of buying a Premier account is that “everything is ready for you,” and you don’t need to purchase anything separately.

Before, you could upgrade a non-prime account to prime after getting a Lieutenant rank of 21. But in September 2021, Valve introduced Prime status, a paid feature called “Prime Status Upgrades,” which means a Non-Prime user can’t achieve XP and rank. To obtain prime status, you must buy Prime Upgrades. To avoid this hassle, buy a CS2 Prime account from us and start playing with your friends.

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CS2 Prime Accounts For Sale On BuyaCSGO

Buyacsgo.com offers CS2 Prime accounts for sale at affordable rates to all players. You can enjoy the best prime experience from these accounts. You can choose the most suitable account from the prime accounts section. It is always better to be secure than to play with Smurf accounts.

You Can Upgrade a Non-Prime Account To Prime By Using Two Methods:

Before, we used to earn an XP to increase Private rank from 1 to 21 to eligible prime matchmaking. But in a recent update, you no longer gain XP in non-prime accounts. You must purchase prime status from the steam store to achieve XP and rank.

The second method is to buy prime accounts from us at just 18.99$ directly. With this account, you can play on FACEIT. We also offer CS2 high tier accounts with guaranteed High Trust Factor, Single/Multiple Medals, Coins/Badges, and High Wins/Hours at just 32.99$.

How Can CS2 Prime Accounts Protect You From Hackers

Prime accounts help to avoid cheaters. Even when one phone number is used to link several accounts that are being upgraded to Prime, if any account gets a VAC ban, then other Prime accounts will be banned, too. Hence, when you upgrade to Prime after reaching the Lieutenant level, you will be matched with a Prime account holder only.

You need to use only one mobile number for one Steam accoun for safety. We are selling Prime-ready accounts where you don’t need to add a mobile number. It is your wish to Buy CS2 Prime Accounts or upgrade them manually. It is still the best option to get cheap CS2 Prime accounts, as it is worth playing with other Prime members.

Benefits of Having a Prime Account

There are two main reasons for having a CS2 prime account. We can separate the gamers into two types based on the availability of Matchmaking.

  • Gamers with the Prime CS2 accounts are trustworthy.
  • Gamers without a prime account are likely to be cheaters or Smurfs.
  • The best option for practice sessions.
  • The chances of getting a positive trust factor get higher.

Why Prime Accounts Are Reliable For Professionals

Players with prime are said to be more reliable than non-prime players. In matchmaking, a group of players playing like a team is what matters for a victory. Players performing well in competitive matches and having good behavior gain good trust. Trust factors signify an excellent player and a good personality, which people admire to play with. A positive trust factor means a probability of a positive outcome to have the player on the winning team.

We know why prime is so essential nowadays for every CSGO aspirant. The drastic increase in competition also forces players to become emotionally connected with CSGO. Many are failing to digest defeat and are unwillingly starting to cheat. According to surveys, players who use CS2 Prime Accounts are happier than the ones who don’t. Players using non-prime accounts to play are facing a lot of cheaters and smurfs, which is not allowing the players to enjoy the game to the core.

Players who took the game seriously are dedicating their life to practice sessions to get to the top. As CSGO is a team game, the unity between players, communication, and in-game strategies are the most vital things to look out for. Players Buy CS2 Prime accounts to eliminate all cheaters from ruining their game. Players can also match up against other good teams for friendly practice sessions.

How To Differentiate Between Prime & Non Prime Accounts ?

Are you new to the game and are unsure which account to choose? We will help you out. Selecting the correct account will lead you to success at the right time. The accounts are categorized into two: Prime and Non-prime. The CS2 Prime accounts are cheaper and faster for players as it will save a lot of time. Someone with a Non-prime account must purchase Prime separately from the Steam store.

It is worth it to pay some extra money and Buy CS2 Prime Accounts for a good start from the beginning. Prime accounts also come up with the unique benefits of having badges, service medals, trophies, and high XP levels, which require thousands of hours of gameplay to achieve.

On the other hand, Non-Prime accounts are cheaper in price, but they will not help players in the long term. Any non-prime account will not show any skill ranking or XP levels. Someone playing matchmaking from non-prime accounts will have to face new players, cheaters, or rage quitters who do not have the proper mindset to compete in the game.

People often complain about the long queue time to get matches in matchmaking. The game seems to be slow, and sometimes the matches don’t start as sufficient players never accept it.

How Does Trust Factor Works?

Trust Factor is one of most powerful tool in the game right now. This tool is a reliable option for players to decide on someone suitable to choose as a partner in the game. The system observes the behavior of players and then decide on the well being in the community. Apart from player behavior the trust factor also depend on other attribute of steam account like playing hours, ranking, win loss ratio etc.

For improving Trust Factor in CS2 every players should follow below norms to develop a positive score:

  1. Being a good and well behaved member in both CS2 and Steam Community.
  2. Playing CS2 and any other games in legit way.
  3. Maintaining a good rank in CS2.
  4. Linking a phone number with Prime for experiencing better matchmaking experience.
  5. Setting up Steam profile in proper format.
  6. Not being toxic and getting reported by other players.
  7. Request friends or other players to commend.