CSGO Private Rank 21 Prime Matchmaking Ready Accounts

CSGO Private Rank 21 is also known as Lieutenant 21. Prime Accounts will give you a great chance to play in Prime Matchmaking without adding a Phone Number. The main aim of this Prime system is to separate legit players from players who uses cheats.

Advantages of Lieutenant 21 Accounts

  • No need to add mobile number.
  • Players has to Face Less fraud Players which is the another advantage of going for prime.

Cheap CS:GO Private Rank 21 Accounts for sale

Buying a CS:GO Rank 21 Account from Buyacsgo.com, we ensure that all prime accounts are legit. We deliver Account Details instantly via email just after successful payment done. Many websites offer a wide variety of CSGO Prime Accounts for sale from the Silvers to Global Elite we have all of them. CSGO Prime Numbers are also available which you can use with it to eligible prime matchmaking.

Where to Buy CS:GO Private Rank 21 Account at affordable Price

You can also earn XP by playing Casual, Deathmatch, Arm race. But it’s difficult when you have to start a new game from the beginning. No proper team mates, lots of hackers and a low rank. Save your energy and time by buying a Prime Account with the rank you desire. Buyacsgo.com offering you to buy CSGO Private Rank 21 Account at just 21.99$ only.

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