How to buy an account ?

Some simple steps to buy an account :

1. Go to Buy Now.
2. Select the product you want to purchase.
3. Click ADD TO CART then click Check Out button.
4. Select the payment method & make payment.

After successfully Payment done you will receive your account details on billing email “less than a Second”. Guaranteed !!

How long it will take for the account to be delivered ?

INSTANT DELIVERY don’t need to wait for us. We are online or offline doesn’t matter. Product details will be sent automatically to your billing email address, less than a second. Guaranteed !! (don’t forget to check spam folder)

What info will I get ?

You will get:
1. Steam Login Username.
2. Steam Login Password.
3. Email Address + Password
(Steam guard & Family view will be disabled, If not then just simply contact us)
NOTE: If we forget to provide Email Address, then simply contact us via LIVE CHAT to change an email.

How I will receive Account Details after payment ?

1. First You will receive an email within a Second after successfully payment is done (don’t forget to check spam folder). Click
2. Click that Email and note your product details. Click
3. To get INSTANT Account Details you must have to create an account in our website. Example: Click, then go to “MY ACCOUNT” click on “VIEW” under the recent order & note down your account details.

Why can’t I add friends ?

As a limited user,  your account is restricted from adding friends but you can still accept friend requests from others. If you want to to enable this feature then you must have to spend minimum 5$ on Steam Store. This is a rule of Steam so, we can’t do anything and you can’t ask refund for this.

Accepted Payment methods

We are currently accepting:
1. G2A Pay.
2. PayPal, Bitcoins, Skrill, Skins, Credit/Debit Cards, Paysafecard and many more.

If you want to pay via CS:GO Case Keys then Add us on Skype or use Live Chat.

Okay I have bought an account, What to do now ?

What to do after receiving account details ?

1. Change steam login password.
2. Turn on steam guard.
3. Change email password.
4. Don’t use same mobile number, which number you already using for another steam account.

I have received Steam Account with Dispostable email, how to login ?

In Dispostable email your don’t need any password to login. Just need an username.
So, how I will find my username ?
Ans: Suppose your email address is [email protected]  then vjikllv will be your username.

1> Just go to Dispostable.com 
2> Enter your username in that blank box. Screenshot 
3> Click on “Check Inbox”

Can I get a refund after purchase ?

No, we will replace your account if there is any issues which is our fault:
1. Wrong details provided / Unable to login.
2. Rank doesn’t match.
You need to contact us within 72 hours from the purchase date/time.
Note: We can’t replace if you receive VAC, Party member ban, Community ban or if you even started playing.

How can I contact you ?

1. Skype ID: buyacsgo
2. Live Chat.
3. Email: [email protected]

F.A.Q didn’t solve your problem?

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